The 2023 season has started!

The 2023 season at Boden has started! Blessed with amazing weather we've already made great progress with lots of finds and new discoveries.

This year we are focusing on the area we started to look at last year on the west side of the field,  where it looks as though we have found another house dating to the Middle Bronze Age (circa 1400BC).

Meanwhile over at the fogou,  we are exploring the junction between the enclosure ditch and the mysterious fogou void....

In order to accurately record all of the artefacts as 'small finds', members have been trained in using a dumpy level and plotting small finds on a scaled plan. This way we can build a three dimensional picture of the deposition sequence.

We were also joined by new members Fiona and Kirsty, and Kirk and Isabel our two new friends from Florida! A long way to come, but Boden is always worth it!

Last but not least a million thanks to Cathy, our Canadian member, for funding the dumpy level.

Photo Credits: James Gossip, Carl Thorp, MAG