Boden 2023 - Achievements so far...

Peter, David and Chris, proud of their achievements!

This team have done a great job exposing the junction between the Iron Age enclosure ditch and the fogou void which was rediscovered by Chris Hosken in 1996. 

We think this was the spot where Reverend Polwhele saw a 'tunnel' in 1803. He wrote:

“At Bodean Veor, in the Parish of St Anthony, is an artificial cave, of about thirty yards in length. It is merely an excavation of the earth, without any stone for walls or roof, four or five feet underground. Its situation, on the highest part of the hill, suggests the idea of some military works near it – but none at present are discoverable” - Reverend Richard Polwhele, Vicar of Manaccan, 1803.

We didn't know until recently that the void connected to the enclosure ditch, and we certainly weren't expecting a stone tunnel (with roof) underlying material that Polwhele (or those associated with him) used to block the access, presumably due to safety concerns.

Inside the void, stone walling which may represent the end of the stone passage where it connects to the void.