End of a successful season

Today marked the end of another very successful season at Boden, with MAG members helping to ‘put the site to bed’ for the winter. Finds have been sorted and catalogued, soil samples prepared for sieving and there was still time though to do a bit of de-turfing in readiness for the 2023 season. Caravans and toilet were made extra secure in readiness for the winter storms.

Revealing a new Bronze Age roundhouse

2022 has more than made up for slow pace of the past 2 years – we have had MAG members taking part from as far afield as Canada and the US, we’ve built a sieving tank, the finds catalogue is almost up to date and all finds are in the process of being re-boxed, ready for specialist assessment. This year has also seen the discovery of hitherto unknown parts of the fogou and what appears to be a Bronze Age house. As long as the required funding is in place, excavation of these areas will resume in 2023.

Aerial view of the Bronze Age roundhouse

Chris welcoming Teri from Colorado

Over the non-digging winter months we have a few talks lined up, our annual pot washing day and the highlight of the year, our Christmas Party! 

Boden excavation areas

Graham and Alex with the amazing new sieving tank

In the meantime, I’d like to thank all our members for their continued support and to our diggers – thanks for all your hard work! See you in the new year!

Liz excavating Trevisker Ware pottery, circa 1400 BC

The enclosure ditch, circa 400 BC

Middle Bronze Age Trevisker Ware