Time Team Boden - full feature-length version

Sit back and enjoy Time Team's full feature-length version of Boden Fogou! Days 1, 2 and 3 compiled into one.

New presenters Dr Gus Casely-Hayford and Natalie Haynes join team members old and new to investigate an Iron Age settlement in Cornwall with mysterious underground passages, known as a fogou.

Armed with new technology, and with help from Site Director James Gossip and the Meneage Archaeology Group, Time Team have just three days to shed light on this fascinating prehistoric site on the Lizard Peninsula. Can they do it?

Featuring Dr Gus Casley-Hayford, Natalie Haynes, Prof Carenza Lewis, Dr Helen Geake, Dr John Gater, Prof Stewart Ainsworth, James Gossip, Dani Wootton, Naomi Sewpaul, Matt Williams, Carl Thorpe, Dr Derek Pitman, Lawrence Shaw, Matt Clark, Hilde van der Heul, Pete Spencer, Angie Wickenden, Brigid Gallagher and Raysan Al-Kubaisi.

Directed and produced by Emily Boulting
Series Producer and creator: Tim Taylor


Time Team is a British archaeology series that originally broadcast on the UK's Channel 4 for 20 series, and countless specials. Over the years, the team excavated over 220 sites, from back gardens to Buckingham Palace. The show has now returned to YouTube, thanks to the incredible support of thousands of worldwide fans on Patreon.

Series 21 (Season 21) of Time Team follows two incredible new digs, each released in extended 3-part episodes exclusively on the Time Team Official YouTube channel. The first dig explores a mysterious Iron Age site in Cornwall; the second investigates a huge Roman villa on the estate of a Tudor castle in Oxfordshire.