Time Team at Boden - Gallery Photos by Chris Harris


Boden Angie Fogarty Wickenden & Natalie Haynes in Victors 

Big Drone

Hilda, Sally, Graham Mat, Brian Tr 1

Natalie Haynes & James Filming @ The Void

Spoil Heap

Tr 2 Higher Way

Trench 1, Adam, Hilda Mat, James

Hilda Mat, Jame, Chris Hosken 

Mat, Jame, Chris Hosken John The Digger Driver


Abigail, Karenza, Helen

James & Chris Hosken 


Crew, James,Stuart, Gus, Chris

Martin & Matt in Void to Fogou Ditch

John The Digger Driver 

 Ed & James Hosken - Boden Tr 9

Boden Tr 9 New BA House

Boden Tr 9 New BA House 

Boden Tr 9 New BA House