Boden in the Bronze Age - Part 1

In 2003, when investigating geophysics anomalies close to the Iron Age Fogou we found sherds from a large richly decorated vessel which was dated to the middle Bronze Age, around about 1400 BC. We could tell this from the Trevisker Ware decoration on it, creating by pressing twisted cord into the wet clay.

Excavation of the roundhouse hollow by MAG

Returning with MAG in 2008 and we found a large roundhouse, 8 m in diameter into which were embedded sherds from the same vessel, (We’re not quite sure how much of it yet) along with lots of other interesting finds dating to the middle Bronze Age

Local archaeologist Margaret Hunt discovering the first Trevisker Ware sherds

Trevisker Ware sherds, Radiocarbon dated by residue to C1400 BC – Middle Bronze Age

Starting to reveal the roundhouse hollow, 2008, MAG volunteers and students.

MAG member Priscilla taking soil samples from the central hearth.

The burnt clay floor of the roundhouse.

Lifting the decorated Trevisker Ware sherds.