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After several years of excavation, recording and careful cataloging of finds, MAG is in need of funding to carry on our work. We need to replace worn out equipment, build a flotation tank so we can analyse our soil samples and commission specialists to assess and analyse our pottery, worked stones and environmental data. We need to pay for expert scientific analysis such as radiocarbon dates and further geophysical survey. Without this essential analysis we can’t move forward with publishing our results.

We don’t have any current funding grants and survive solely on the small subscriptions from our regular diggers, so we need your help!

All donations will go a long way to support the work of MAG and help us to continue exploring this unique and fascinating site into the future.

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MAG welcomes new members - come along and help discover Boden's past! For information on how to join, email MAG secretary Meg Reed on

More information on how to get involved coming soon.